Wednesday, June 11th
             New patch is live, see all the gruesome details here

Wednesday, April 16th
             We went to Kael and I just want to say grats for those that got loot and Tammie good job at pulling you did awesome.

Tuesday, April 15
              We went to CoM and killed the Lord again for Sellcius and also grats to Maplelina on her JR. 

Sunday, April 13th
            Went to TD and killed Fay for Nitefalcon.  Grats Nitefalcon on your leaf blower.  Also went to Hate and raided there for a while.  Grats to those that got loot and grats to a good turn out and hunt with the guild. 

Saturday, April 12th
            Went to LOIO and killed the monk epic guys.  Grats to Tamie on his epic way to go. 

Thursday, April 10th
              Went to CoM and killed the Lord for shammy epic. WTG Jalelina.  Grats to the Spirit of Fate we now have in guild.

Wednesday, April 9th
            We went to CoM and killed the shammy epic mob for Jalelina. Grats Jalelina.

Tuesday, April 8th
              We went to SF and killed Tal there. Grats to a job well done guys we did good. Grats to those that got loot.

Thursday, February 27th
         Killed Faydedar for Wilolilye's epic. Gratz on another guild leaf blower.