Meanwhile, in West Freeport, members of Gift of Divinity were gathered around a few tables in a not too crowded Tavern. The expression on their faces was neither sad or happy or indifferent. Just serious.

One of them was a dark elf female. Her dress giving some kind of sparkles to her cerulean skin. The bird-like skelly-head staff, wasn't made to help her walk. Everyone could have told that. Her white hair made her look wise compared to the wood elf next to her.

He was wearing his brown hair long, long enough to drop low on his back. One could see the lightning coming from both of the swords he put on the table as he sat down to drink the ale ahead of him.

"Its time" she told him.
"I know....I know..." was his answer.

He grabbed the glass of ale and finished it up. Then he grabbed his swords, put them away and stood. The 2 of them were facing the others. All were waiting, in silence.

Then the ranger cleared his throat and wished the glass wasn't empty...yet.

"Norrathians, friends." those words came out with seriousness that none have saw in him before.

"A lot of time has passed, since the first members of Gift of Divinity were here, at the same place, working on the construction of the dreamed guild. Heironeous, Sensah, Zared, Mystika, Darsh, Maylin, Crooser, Kegadian, Raidil, Winudorf, Joval, Halamor, Driffter, Pinidin, Aadarie, Dejer and myself."

"Heironeous, Zared, and Raidil formed the Triumvirat that we regrouped behind. With Winudorf, Joval, and myself to help them on their task"

"The ideal of GoD was friends growing together, fighting together, dying together and achieve the impossible then, together."

"A lot of things have change since then. Some died, some went away on a new path, some went MIA. But something remained long after them: the spirit and ideal of what GoD as been built for."

"Many new people added themself to the group, leaders changed, officers changed but GoD remained the same, even extended to a point where the first impossible things became possible"

"Many completed their epic quest with us, we killed Kunark Dragons, we killed Velketor the Sorcerer. We managed to get our lil share of the treasures Norrath, PoP, and the moon had to offer".

"As time passed, individual goals changed. Just like the world around us is changing."

"Some of us left to follow a different path, some of us left to move the path we engage faster. Some of us left to join new friends in their journey. To all of em we wish them farewell."

"All those departures leaves us with too few people left to help us achieve greater goals. There maybe still a lot of us, according to GoD roster but the facts are different."

"So, now is the time for all of us to pick and follow our own path. Some will want to wander alone the vast lands, some will seek new groups with new goals, some will join some old friends in their journey."

"In a few weeks, the only thing that will be left of GoD will be memories. Memories we will share with friends and other ex GoD members. Memories that hopefully will bring laughter and joy as they are remembered."

With that said, Dejeriot looked at Waldina in hopes to find the strength to face the other again. Waldina put her hand on his shoulder and met his eyes. No words went out of her, but he understood.

They stood together, hugging people, shaking everyone's hand as people started their way out of the tavern toward new horizons.

The end.