EQ's main site with all information that pertains to the world of Norath.

Caster's Realm
              Excellent resource for information regarding the casting classes of Norath.  Also includes zone guides, xp charts, and other miscellaneous goodies.

Guild Magic
              This site hosts guild information from all of the servers that run EQ.  Also included is a free database for all of your EQ Puppets.  If you are a member of GoD, you need to have all of your characters registered here.

Allakhazams Magical Realm
             Great website with zone and quest information.  Be careful a lot of this website requires you to have a subscription to get some of the real good info.

A character hosting site that specializes in detailed information about your character.  It also has an automatically updated item database that is available as a premium service ($12 a year).  This premium service also includes the ability to automatically update your characters profile every time you run EQ.

EQ Atlas
            Map site for the world of Norrath, and it is free!

EQ Maps
            Another excellent map site

EQ Toolbox
            In-game maps for Legacy of Ykesha expansion